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Elegant 4 tier with sugar flowers The Casterton Grange


Sally Jean Wedding Cakes covers the Lake District, Cumbria, Lancashire & Cheshire. For couples who would like to create memories with a delicious, superb quality, bespoke wedding cake with a minimal, 'less is more' approach and a love of whites, pastels & clean lines, but who are also drawn to pretty florals, delicate textures & elegant beauty. 

They say your ideal client is a version of yourself... So I thought about what I love in a brand, what my values & best qualities are, knowing this would also speak to those of you that share my passion for a touch of luxury, appreciation of skill, professional, friendly service, meticulous attention to detail, excellent quality products, a love of art, minimalism, nature & flowers, romance, faith, honesty, integrity, elegance and name a few.

I believe your wedding cake should not only visually be an absolute thing of beauty but also that a slice of cake should always make you close your eyes, relax, do a happy dance and create a taste memory that you & your guests will never forget. I use the finest ingredients to ensure your cake tastes as good as it looks. My sugar flowers can be kept for years too a memento of your wedding day.


I would be honoured to create your stunning wedding cake worthy of your forever photographs.

Cake Flavour Menu


I also offer bespoke dessert tables and wedding favours. These can include buttercream floral, swirl or fondant iced topped cupcakes, iced biscuits in a variety of delicate flavours and my delicious handmade artisan marshmallows.

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iced heart biscuits wedding favours lake district.jpg


Iced Biscuits make the perfect wedding favours. I make 3 different sizes (small, medium or large). These can be personalized to you and decorated to match your wedding cake and overall wedding theme. The flavours can be vanilla, chocolate, lemon or something bespoke. I can package them individually for your guests, in biodegradable cellophane bags for freshness, then pop them in an organza bag to match your wedding.


A speciality of mine, are my gorgeous handmade marshmallows. These are perfect as wedding favours or part of a dessert table, marshmallow tower, or as gift boxes (also available via post). They are soft, pillowy clouds, unlike any marshmallows you will have tasted before. 


The flavours and smells are incredible, and you can also order them throughout the year as gift boxes for any occasion or on your anniversaries to recreate those taste memories from your wedding day.


My marshmallows are made with beautiful fruits or your favourite drink (gins or champagne for example).

Marshmallow Menu

Gourmet Marshmallow Favours Strawberry & Vanilla
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